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Traffic Control
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224 Flare-Lite
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The high intensity light output is from 12 LEDs (light emitting diodes) in each direction. Unlike an incandescent bulb or xenon strobe tube the LED is a solid state device with a life of over 100000 hours. There are no fragile filaments to burn out or breakable glass tubes. The LEDs are very energy efficient giving many hours of operation. The 212 uses two 6 volt spring terminal industrial batteries while the 224 and Light weight 212 use four D-Cell Alkaline batteries. The 212 Flare-Lite is lightweight with a carrying handle for ease of use. The legs of its barricade type structure fold for easy storage and adjust for all types of terrain. The 224 Flare-Lite can be held like a flashlight or dropped into a traffic safety cone.