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Traffic Control
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Message Boards
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Full Matrix Message Director
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Full Matrix Message Directorì; NTCIP software standard; AASHTO (NTPEP) tested; Central control available; Common Standard Features; Standard computer control console; Easiest programming in industry laminated manual on door; Password protected; IBM compatible 104 detachable key board reduces replacement costs; Low battery voltage warning frame before system disconnect; Console comes standard with internal clock and schedule programming; Three point locking device keeps out vandals; Standard battery and charging system; Operates from 12 volt DC power; Less weight • Our 6 volt batteries are 66 lbs per battery compared to a 130 lb. 8D battery one person can swap batteries with less risk of lifting injury; Unit includes a battery charger with a forced air cooling fan that operates with the battery box lid closed and locked; Computer automatically shuts down solar panels when battery bank reaches a fully charged state; Our lockable vented steel battery box is riveted and powder coated; Our unique system allows you to charge batteries with solar panels and our on-board charger at the same time