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Traffic Control
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Message Boards
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Fixed Mount
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Fixed-Mount Signs; Wanco provides a variety of sizes and styles of Variable Message; Signs that can be permanently mounted. These units are perfect for tollway systems weigh stations highway emergency systems and many other applications. A variety of communications options include cellular paging radio-frequency NTCIP and quick-message pushbutton. Features; Several sizes and mounting options; Choose 3-line display with 14-inch characters or full-matrix display; Super-bright LED technology; 3-line sign displays alphanumeric text predefined arrows and graphics Full-matrix sign displays a range of character sizes and styles as well as pre-programmed and custom graphics; Easy to program; Self-contained onboard computer no laptop required; Energy-efficient operation; AC commercial power; Computer shuts down charging system when batteries are fully charged; Unique system allows simultaneous battery charging with commercial power and optional solar panels; Cooling fans protect battery charger and sign cabinet from overheating; Remote monitoring and control using NTCIP; NTCIP compliant